Nervous. Clueless. Outdated.

Is that what you feel like when you’ve just finished stunts in practice?

That’s not the way it has to be.

If you’ve ended up on this page, you’re probably like the hundreds of smart and dedicated cheer coaches who’ve come through the doors of Stunt School.

When they start, they’re feeling defeated after stunt practice or unsure of how to answer questions or teach the new stunt their team wants to learn.

And just like you, they’re go-getters and be-betters.

The kind of coach that strives to be the coach their team deserves.

All you need is a little knowledge to go with all that passion for your team.

I can help you with that.

And, actually, I'd love to.

where you can learn to coach stunts with confidence

Stunt School will give you the knowledge you need to ...

  • Create a safe environment for your team’s stunts
  • Teach stunts confidently and competently
  • Accurately correct the mistakes your team is making
  • Save time with practical, efficient training
  • Approach new stunt challenges with excitement
  • Make your team (and you) look good doing it

And that means ...

  • You’ve got hands-on practical knowledge to lead your team to great stunts
  • You’re practice ready every time.
  • You’ve got the resources you need at your fingertips when you need them.
  • You understand stunts from every angle and every position.
  • You don’t feel overwhelmed at the thought of teaching that new stunt you saw
  • You can build the strong team and program you really want.

Just look at what some coaches like you
have to say about Stunt School

I’ve never been afraid of stunts, but I found Stunt School to be a useful tool and I can now coach my girls toward better, safer stunts than before. The cheat sheets and elite stunt videos were my favorites, and I’m much more eager to try new dismounts and skills than I was before. It was also refreshing to be reassured in my coaching philosophy. Stunt School is great for beginner coaches looking for some stunt knowledge.

Sarah S.
Sarah S. Texas

Stunting has always been my favorite part of cheerleading, and I love teaching it. But sometimes what I was saying just wasn’t getting across to my athletes. I now have a bigger vocabulary for teaching stunts and use a lot more analogies to explain things. I’m also better at correcting stunts, and have learned how to explain things in a different way instead of getting frustrated when my team just doesn’t get it. I also loved connecting with other high school coaches. Each of us helped make each other better. It was a fantastic experience, and I’m more confident when teaching stunts because of it. --Melissa W., Ontario, Canada

Melissa W.
Melissa W. Ontario, Canada

My daughter has been cheering for 10 years, and I used to have to ask her how certain stunts worked and how to teach them. When I signed up for Stunt School, I was just hoping to learn more about stunts. I found myself looking forward to getting to use it each time I logged in. The visuals of the photos and videos were the best part, but the worksheets, checklists, and 8-counts sheets are super handy too. I don’t have to ask my daughter anymore. I would definitely recommend for other coaches like me.

Loretta G.
Loretta G. Maine
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So what's included when you join?

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Stunt School focuses on teaching stunts from every angle and for every style. Inside you get:

  • Step-by-step Stunt Videos
  • Video Lessons
  • Special Grip & Position Photos
  • 8-Count Sheets
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Checklists
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I was fine with my level of stunt knowledge, but when I would search online for new stuff I got hesitant and felt clueless no matter how many times I watched a video of a stunt. Now I really feel 'upgraded' since Stunt School. The break downs of how to do each one helped me really know what to do and I enjoy learning new things from other coaches too. It’s great for those who—like me—felt a little outdated.

Debbie W.
Debbie W. Ohio

The visuals and breakdowns made stunting really understandable. Now I’m more efficient and have more direction when I coach stunts, and when something just doesn’t seem to be working I can check the cheat sheets to see what should be fixed. I was comfortable with coaching before, but now I’m even more confident especially when it comes to stunts.

Jennifer Ohio

I wasn’t sure if I would benefit from Stunt School since my season had ended, but it was great! The focus on technique and coaching strategies have equipped me to face a new season with a new team, and I can’t wait to get started.

Janet P.
Janet P. North Carolina

What exactly will I learn?

Inside Stunt School, you’ll learn 69 stunts and drills broken down step by step.

Basic Stunts

Thigh Stand
Step Lock Drill
T-Hang Drill
Gut Stand
Hang Drill
Shoulder Sit

Advanced Stunts

Elevator Prep
Cradle Pop Drill
Shoulder Stand
Prep to Extension
Timing Drill

Elite Stunts

Full Down Cradle
Log Roll Drill
Prep Level Liberty Drill
Basket Toss
Trophy Drill

Simple Transition Stunts

Stair Step                                               L Stand

Show n Go                       Handstand Over Shoulders

Teddy Bear or Straddle Sit                 Simple Tumble In

Prep Sponge Prep                                Ground Up Prep

Leap Frog                                              Pencil Toss

Half Up                                            All Girl Cupie

Hit n Go                                                 Prep Hitch

Simplified Single Man                        Base Switcher

Quarter Up                                            Knee Basket

Swedish Fall

Advanced Transition Stunts

Sponge Toss                                              Retake

Cradle Reload                          Dead Man Dismount

Walk In Lib                               360 Sponge

J-Up to Single Man                                Switch Up Liberty

Walk In Single Man                                              Prone to Prep

Purdue                                          Single Man Extension

Ground Up Lib                                               Toe Pitch

Pike to Prep                                        Flatback to Prep

Prep Half Sponge Prep                                    540 Cradle

Pop Down from Single Man                        Half Up Lib

Flyover                                                      Helicopter

360 to Extension

Inverted Transition Stunts

Cradle Backwalkover
Arabesque Dismount
Backward Suspended Roll
Pancake Dismount
Suspended Roll Dismount
Vertical to Horizontal Dismount
Inversion to Load

And lessons to help you teach stunts better.

Coaching Stunt Lessons

Stunt Terms
Stunt Safety
Stunt Groups
Teaching Stunts
Stunt Strength

Not to mention a whole heap of printables to keep your stunts on track.

Handy Printables

Progression Checklist
Emergency Action Plan Checklist
Stunt Group tracking Sheet
Cheer Rules and Regulations
Giant Stunt Mistake Cheat Sheet
Blank 8-Count Sheets
Special Grip & Position Photos for all stunts
Common Mistake Cheat Sheets for all stunts
Detailed 8-count Sheets for all stunts

When it came to stunt time, I was always nervous to teach them, but then I found Stunt School. It is completely online so it fit into my busy life and now I am more confident than ever about stunts.It’s a great resource!

Kelly Montana

It let me go at my own pace and had great information. I really enjoyed learning about the advanced stunts and even finding out ways that I could improve how I already was teaching stunts. Now that I’ve completed the course, I feel more confident in putting together stunt routines and that I can teach proper technique. I think coaches, especially new ones, will benefit from Stunt School.

Anita North Carolina

When I came back into coaching cheerleading, the needs were so different and the focus of the sport had shifted. Stunting gave me a lot of anxiety, and I knew I needed to learn the technical skills for my team to execute stunts properly. I signed up for Stunt School to increase my knowledge and meet the needs of my team. It was definitely worth the cost to get the tools in Stunt School. I can now show my teams visuals, have a better understanding of all parts of a stunt, and know where to look to get ideas for new stunts.

LaKia T.
LaKia T. Colorado
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And then there are the bonuses ...

You get Stunt School forever immediately--including all future updates and upgrades.

You can login from the internet browser of any device to watch videos. So the knowledge is always at your fingertips.

You get access to the exclusive Stunt School Facebook group filled with awesome coaches.

Then we have the bonus library you get access to immediately.

Incorporations and Sequences

How to put stunts into the cheers, chants, and routines

Step-by-Step Pyramids

Extension Pyramid
Liberty Pyramid
Bounce Back Pyramid
Tick Tock Pyramid
Suspended Roll Pyramid

Webinar Recordings

You'll get instant access to these webinar recordings ...

3 Stunt Sequences I Love

2016 Stunt Trends

Stunt Clinic Live 2016

Office Hours May 2016

All Future Stunt-Related Webinars

Stunt Master Classes


A deep dive into 4 stunts (and their variations) your team wants and needs to know ...

The Perfect Prep

Rock Solid Liberties

Pyramids that Wow

Basket Toss Master Class

I’m a volunteer coach, and I used to shy away from anything other than thigh and gut stands. Stunt School helped me find a comfort zone with teaching stunts and a confidence I didn’t have before with higher level skills. The 8-count sheets were a great help, and Kate answered every email I sent her. I think people who aren’t professional coaches like myself would benefit from the program. --Shellie N., Texas

Shellie N.
Shellie N. Texas

When I first looked at Stunt School, the price made me hesitate. I didn’t know if it would be worth it, but once I got in it and saw the break down of all the parts and learning each person’s job, I learned a lot. I would recommend Stunt School to others who want to learn more like me. —Samantha H., Kansas

Samantha H.
Samantha H. Kansas

You ready to join us?

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Still feeling a bit hesistant?

Here are some of the other things that you'll get ...

  • Time – you don’t have to scour the internet for resources you don’t even know if you can trust
  • Excitement – stunts won’t be a drag or a frustration any longer and practice becomes fun again.
  • Expertise – 13+ years of my stunt experience rolled into this little package, and you get it all at your fingertips
  • Community – coaches are always posting in the Facebook group asking and answering questions (about stunts and everything else) … we’re all about collaboration not competition in there
  • Future – because you get lifetime access, you get all the updates and new stuff I put in Stunt School forever. New stunts, webinars, whatever. You get it all.
  • No risk – there’s a 30 day money back guarantee. If Stunt School isn’t a good fit for you, just email me within 30 days of joining, and I’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked!

100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee

If you find that Stunt School isn’t a good fit, just send an email to me within your first 30 days and I’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked!


Sound good to you?

Let's get to it!

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where you can learn to coach stunts with confidence